Haiti: Political Assassination? Suspicious Death of Judge Who Called for Prosecution of Presidential Family | Global Research

The Martelly regime, implicated in many scandals, each more embarrassing than the next, now has a corpse on its hands, and not just any corpse, but that of a judge who was trying to shed light on a matter which is fueling debate in all spheres of society. Across Haiti and Haitian diaspora, the regime is considered one of the most corrupt that the country has ever known. The judge’s investigation could have allowed the presidential family, if it is not involved in corruption, to prove their innocence and clear their name. However, the regime’s methods have certainly not dispelled suspicions about First Lady Sophia Martelly and her son Oliver Martelly. On the contrary, public mistrust of the regime has deepened.

Sanon, Jean Michel, and Lissade have denied that they took part in the meeting alleged by Mr. Madistin. In fact, they deny that any such meeting ever took place. Mr. Lissade, a former justice minister, said in a press release, that Mr. Madistin’s “allegations were not the expression of any truth but were rather of a lying nature.” Minister Sanon said Mr. Madistin’s statements were “the product of his imagination.”

“I didn’t participate in any meeting with the president, the prime minister, and Serge Joseph,” Sanon said. “I don’t know what’s being talked about.” via | Global Research



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