Haiti gangs beat 47 gays with machetes, sticks and cement blocks | Gay Star News

GSN spoke to a campaigner from SEROvie, a foundation that promotes human rights for marginalized people, particularly LGBTI people, based in Port-au-Prince.

The spokesman said: ‘In most of the cases, it was groups of four to six men who attacked individuals. They surrounded them in their homes or in their business or on the streets.

‘The two worst cases were two men who were attacked when they were selling things in the public market.

‘One of these victims was particularly baffled because he said he could see a few of his former lovers among the attackers.

‘They were beaten with whatever these guys could find including wooden and iron sticks.

‘They escaped and were hidden by a neighbor. When it was safe they contacted us and we went with them to the hospital. They were left with bruises and deep cuts.’

He said one of the curious aspects of the violence was that, as far as they know, only men were targeted.

‘The victims were people who were living their life quietly and no such thing had ever happened before to them,’ our contact told us. via | Gay Star News



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