Haiti: Senator Moise says Martelly and Lamothe divided

Senator Jean Charles Moise (Nord/Inite) said that President Michel Martelly’s insistence on trying to tie Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe in the murder, according to the Senator, of the judge would be the source of the strife between the two Heads.

Specifically, Senator Moise says that President Martelly said that Prime Minister Lamothe urged him to give Judge Joseph poison and that President Martelly said that it was the Prime Minister’s vehicle at the scene of where a meeting at the law offices of Garry Lissade took place. For the record, The Sentinel, has not receive any information of these declarations being made by the Head of State.

But conversely, Senator Moise says the Head of Government, Lamothe, was to smart to be involved in the matter of Judge Joseph who was following up on a corruption investigation of the wife and son of President Michel Martelly. For these reasons, Senator Moise says President Martelly had forced PM Lamothe to do an interview with Le Nouvelliste where the PM denied ever meeting the judge and threw his support behind Michel Martelly. The Sentinel has not confirmed this information either. via Martelly and Lamothe divided



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