Tropical Storm Dorian Graying His Way West But Florida Not Yet in His Picture | FlaglerLive – Your News Service for Flagler County News Palm Coast News Bunnell Flagler Beach Beverly Beach and Marineland

Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are still drying up from Tropical Storm Chantal, which dumped many inches of rain on the islands before dissipating around July 11, somewhere between Jamaica and Haiti. For now, Dorian looks to drop rain on those same islands, but appears headed for a more northwesterly route, toward the Bahamas. If it is to reach any portion of Florida, that would not likely happen until a week from now, if then.

At 11 a.m. Thursday the storm was packing sustained winds of 60 mph and moving west-northwest at 17 mph, with tropical-force winds extending 60 miles from the center. The storm was located near latitude 16.0 north and longitude 35.9 west, with Dakar in Senegal its nearest neighbor, from which it was moving away. See the map below.

The hurricane center sees the storm weakening tomorrow to around 50 mph, then strengthening to 70 mph in the two successive days. It is moving toward warmer waters, which are fuel to storms’ intensity. Whether it becomes a hurricane is still quite uncertain. Forecaster at the Weather Channel are seeing the odds against it becoming a strong hurricane at this point, but also note that “It is far too soon to either rule out or speculate about a U.S. threat.” via  | FlaglerLive



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