Haiti confiscates products from Dominican plastics industry –

Yesterday the Industrial Association of the Dominican Republic (AIRD) issued an urgent request for the authorities to take over the defense of the productive sectors and especially the industrial sector, in the face of the constant non-tariff barriers placed on Dominican products and that which at the present time is being faced by the plastics industry.

Ligia Bonetti, the AIRD president, talked about the Haitian media reporting that the Council of Ministers of that country approved a decree that prohibits the production, import, sale and use in any form of polyethylene bags and containers of expanded polystyrene (EPS or PS crystal or polystyrene), such as is used for individual foods, such as glasses, bottles, bags and plates. She indicated that the order will go into effect on 1 August 2013 and that any shipment of articles of this type will be confiscated by the customs authorities and that the owners will be sanctioned according to the Haitian Customs Code.

Nevertheless, she has been informed that they are currently confiscating products. via –


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  1. Haiti is facing a serious problem with plastics items. The government in response made a decision to ban the importation of plastic base items into the country.
    Empty plastic bottles and shopping bags do creates a problem for Haiti and that is obvious to every body so it is normal that the government take action to protect our environment. The decision may be excessive in reference to the wide range of items that it concern but within reasonable limit such as mt plastic bottles, shopping bags, plastic plates used by restaurants to serve food, plastic forks, knives and spoons etc…etc…that are discarded in the streets it is necessary to safeguard our environment. But there is a middle way in all this. Why don’t we encourage a plastic grinding industry to reprocess those plastic garbages in the country? That would create jobs and get some people out of the unemployment population . That is a positive way to look at the problem.
    Now why some of us always react to Dominicans outcry so quickly and looks as if they want to force the Haitian Government to acquiesce to Dominican demands and in favor of their interest? Have we forgotten that WE ARE HAITIANS for Christ sake and that the welfare of Haiti, it’s citizens and it’s economy as well as it’s environment should matter more to us than being concern of Dominicans interest?
    Some time I think that being oppose to a government make many of my compatriots forget that governments comes and goes but that the Nation remains and that while it is a right to be in the opposition that shouldn’t lead us to forget our identity and that , BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, WE ARE HAITIAN. Let’s make it a point to look for Haiti first.


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