Op-Ed: Davidson Toussaint on Why Tourism Is Not Unrealistic For Haiti

The saddest thing about this new situation is not that they’re trying to minimize our efforts to finally do something without being lectured, but that their greatest supporters are Haitians, who think supporting those media or those groups of people against a group of Haitians who are trying to make a difference is the best thing to do to help Haiti. YOU ARE WRONG.

The article states that the decision of the Haitian government to prioritize tourism as part of its development program is “unrealistic.”

But one thing they forget to mention is that this is not only an effort of the government — this is an effort of all Haitians who support the idea. All Haitians that are also risking their investments to make this idea a reality by building new hotels, new transportation companies, new tour operators, new tourism marketing companies, while the government is working to build more infrastructure to make the dream of Haitian people come true.

We have been dictated for a long time by the media on how we should see our country, but we should never forget that the poverty of Haiti is the benefit of a lot of countries. via Op-Ed: Caribbean Journal



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