A SEED of hope in Haiti | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Although basic relief assistance in Haiti after last week’s devastating earthquake is far from over, many in both the humanitarian and architectural fields are thinking ahead to the rebuilding and reconstruction stages. As MNN business blogger Melissa reported earlier, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has pledged to help and the San Francisco-based nonprofit Architecture for Humanity has initiated massive fundraising efforts. But what about the need for immediate, emergency housing to shelter the thousands of displaced people in and around the decimated capital of Port-au-Prince?

The team behind the Clemson University School of Architecture’s SEED project may have the answer in the form of repurposed, temporary shipping container homes. SEED was initially envisioned as a project that utilize the over 300 million shipping containers sitting empty at ports around the world and house those displaced by hurricanes in the Caribbean. Now, the SEED team believes shipping containers can also provide similar relief in earthquake-prone areas. But can SEED step in soon enough to provide emergency shelter when it is needed most? via – Mother Nature Network


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    • I’m afraid that people may use that word as an excuse to keep things as they are. I don’t see how else it could be. It’s life. People adjust to their realities and keep on going. thank you for commenting.


      • I use that word because I been to hell and back since the day I was born and I describe myself as resilient. Obviously I moved forward and accomplish things I thought never could have so with all due respect that kind of thinking is what prevent many from moving forward instead of keep dwelling on the past .continue as victims ..instead of looking forward and prove to themselves and everyone else that they are more than just a human form hidding behind flesh


      • I think it’s human instinct to fight for survival no matter how harsh the circumstances.You’re right; people should focus on the way forward and improve their lives. However, past failures should play a pivotal part, paving that way forward. Great conversation. I’m glad you’re engaged in the discussion. Thank you.


      • Thank you and I do agree with you regarding past failures. .sometimes there are some who get involved but their intentions are less than noble… and also there are those who been there but forget what it is like and their roots…I do think that this has played a role on Haiti. .sometimes I have wondered about many of those in Hollywood for example who are of the same race and although they can do so much since they have the means…choose not to get involved….


      • The Haitian situation is very complex. No easy answers. Some people got burned by past governments and refuse to invest now, even when they have the means. Still there are many people who risks it all to help.


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