“All hell breaks loose” at Haiti-Dominican border as ban holds –

Just hours before the Agriculture Ministry was to announce that Haiti’s ban on chicken and egg imports from Dominican Republic was to be unofficially lifted, merchants said “all hell broke loose” Thursday when brawls at the border town of Dajabon (northwest) ensued from an attempt to smuggle those items into the town of Ouanaminthe.

Several incidents have marred Friday’s bi-national market thus far as Dominicans also try to pass other foodstuff such as salami and sausages, prompting confiscations by Haitian authorities who destroy the merchandise and toss the debris into the Masacre river.

Merchants tell of hearing gunfire to from the Haitian side, but despite the clashes between the merchants and security agents, no injuries or arrests have been reported so far. via –



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  1. All reasonable people wonder how Haiti is not producing it’s own chickens and eggs to supply the demand for this product in the country. As everyone can remember, Haiti had a flourishing poultry industry that was supplying chicken meat and eggs to the local market. That industry was destroyed by the specific instructions of the IMF and the Agricultural Department of the US so that they could dump in Haiti their chicken wings and legs surplus from their subsidies poultry industry. Now we are importing chicken meat and eggs from Dominican Republic that are produced by American Companies established there and finance by the same IMF that forced Haiti to destroy it’s own industry. This is a matter that should be addressed by Haitian Officials but that is a dream because solving this problem for the benefit of the country’s economy is not the priority of those in charge in Haiti now. Besides that, those officials should take the necessary steps to re launch the poultry industry in Haiti to make Haiti self sufficient. To start financing this industry,they could start be using the money they are spending to rent private jet for their multiple trips overseas . That would be a better investment of the country’s money and would also show their real concern about solving the country’s multiple problems. We hope one day the people in charge in Haiti will have the courage and the patriotism to deal with the IMF by telling them to leave the country like many other countries in Latin America have done. When they come to Haiti to help they came to help themselves and to destroy our country’s economy. In 1987 Haiti was not a very rich country, far from that, but we were not the poorest country in the Americas. The IMF messed us up and strangle the country in executing their program to wipe us out as a sovereign nation with , unfortunately, the complicity of some degenerate sons of Haiti . If it is what their economist can do then one can legitimately question their expertise unless it was their mission to destroy Haiti and now they can say : Mission accomplished “… We need to kick their butt out of Haiti. They will off course do everything to hang us but the Haitian people are use to hard time and it is better to be managing your own misery than to have it imposed on you by those neocolonialists of the IMF, the BID and other nefarious arms of the International Finance who love Haiti likes vampires likes fresh blood. Besides, the Haitian People are already living in misery and poverty and hard time brought to us by those ” lovers of Haiti ” and it cannot get worst unless they decide to bomb us into oblivion… which they can do without blinking an eye or missing one breath. At any rate, We definitely need to shake them off our back. Regulus


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