Haiti – Reconstruction : $9MM from Qatar and USAID for Housing –

The partnership agreement with USAID is a testimony to the commitment of the State of Qatar through the Qatar Haiti Fund to helping the Haitian people […] This agreement will allow us to work together to build ‘Qatar City’, which will feature permanent housing for quake-affected Haitians, a vocational school and a commercial area, to generate a sustainable micro-economy for the victims of the earthquake,” declared Mohamed Bin Abdulla Al-Rumaihi, Qatari Ambassador to the United States and chairman for the Qatar Haiti Fund.

The Fund’s collaboration with USAID will feature innovative approaches in permanent housing in Haiti. Each 35-square-meter, two-room unit will meet hurricane and earthquake resistance standards and will include piped water, kitchens, flush toilets and solar panels for lighting and recharging small electronic devices.

Open space will be made available in the development to accommodate future infrastructure such as schools, community centers and gardens. Beneficiaries of the houses will be selected through a process established by the Government of Haiti, working with donor and NGO communities. The process – used in other post-earthquake housing programs – is carried out by a local Beneficiary Selection Committee comprised of upstanding representatives from the public and private sectors. via –



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