PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti: Ex-Haitian leader criticizes gov’t over poverty — MiamiHerald.com

36-iSsAq.St.55164-17aVw5.St.55Aristide then took a few jabs at President Michel Martelly, saying the government has not done enough to address hunger in the impoverished country and called the administration’s tax on international calls and money transfers to fund an education program a “problem.”

“With all the respect that I have for the authorities in place, they are not able to solve the hunger problem by themselves,” Aristide said in the office of his residence, calling it one of Haiti’s “biggest problems.”

“People know that when a dog is hungry it’s doesn’t play,” Aristide said, quoting a Haitian proverb that roughly means hungry people can be unpredictable and even dangerous.

Aristide began to weep as he recalled watching images of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake while in exile in South Africa. He said that before Wednesday he had ventured out of his house only once, on May 1, 2011, since his return earlier that year, but didn’t say where he went. via  – MiamiHerald.com

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