Haiti has history of outside interference, erratic leadership | Indianapolis Star |

bildebAfter a series of coups shakes Haiti’s government, the U.S. Marine Corps takes control of the country. The Marines essentially rule Haiti for 20 years. Critics, including some in the U.S. Congress, would contend that Marine commanders sometimes used counterproductive brutality to put down resistance.

1957: Duvalier era marked by terror

Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier takes power in what is widely viewed as a fraudulent election. The U.S. at first supports Duvalier, because he is anti-communist. But that support is withdrawn as he becomes increasingly dictatorial, declaring himself “president for life,” ruining the economy and terrorizing opponents with his paramilitary police force. When Duvalier dies in 1971, his son, Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, takes the reins until being driven out of the country in 1986. via Indianapolis Star | indystar.comindystarcom-profile .

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