Fashion for Haiti: One Million Hearts | Urban Zen Foundation

Creating a community of conscious consumerism is at the heart of everything I do, I believe it offers necessary solutions and I have witnessed the impact of this first hand in Haiti. I will be forever grateful to President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for introducing me to this vibrant country and offering such important leadership in this space.

I am excited to say that Urban Zen, together with CFDA and eBay, launched Fashion for Haiti: One Million Hearts- an artistic celebration of the limitless potential of creativity and an expression of my ongoing love for Haiti.

For me, Haiti embodies everything that Urban Zen represents and these beautifully designed hearts symbolize the power of bringing community together to raise awareness and inspire change. You know, since my first visit to Haiti with the Clinton Foundation, I’ve been inspired by the Haitian artisans and how they are able to capture their culture and country in art form. I’ve been working with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative to show the world these beautiful pieces, and in doing so, we’ve been able to help these artisans rebuild their own country by providing them with international markets and retailers. As an active member of the Clinton Global Initiatives Haiti Action Network, I was thrilled to work with both artisans form Haiti and Swarovski to create the design for the 2012 Global Citizen Award, awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding impact in philanthropy, public service, civil society, and the corporate sector. via | Urban Zen Foundation



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