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Obama’s nomination of Perez is a first for Dominican-Americans | National News – KCRA Home

“My parents taught my four siblings and me to work hard, to give back to our community, and to make sure that the ladder of opportunity was there for those coming after us,” Perez said. “Over my career, I’ve learned that true progress is possible if you keep an open mind, listen to all sides and focus on results. I look forward to taking these lessons with me, if confirmed, to my new role as secretary of the Department of Labor.”

For Ydanis Rodriguez, who is Dominican and a New York City councilman, Perez’s nomination is especially significant.

“To see a Dominican moving forward, or any person person of color appointed to an important position, it gives me hope that one day we will live in a nation where people from different ethnic groups are represented in high office,” Rodriguez said in an interview. “At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be sure that we get the best talent to lead that understands the needs of a different community, someone whose record reflects a priority with human rights issues.” via – KCRA Home



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