Op-Ed: Haiti and the Caribbean

Haitian immigration is also a sensitive subject in the neighbouring Turks and Caicos Islands, which announced last year it would lift a ban on deportations of Haitians enacted after the devastating 2010 earthquake and has been the scene of an at times heated debate over immigration from the Francophone country. But exclusion cannot be the basis for extended cooperation — CARICOM must deal with the issue of Haitian immigration in a reasoned and sensible way. If Haiti is to become a full-fledged partner in CARICOM, it must focus on two major priorities: one, its ability to produce agricultural exports and distribute them effectively to the other CARICOM nations. And two, it must improve its domestic market so that the choice of many Haitians is not to seek refuge in other Caribbean economies. These two paths can very likely be achieved together. – Caribbean Journal



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