U.N. Says it Will Not Pay Compensation for Haiti’s Cholera Victims | TIME.com

The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), a group based in Boston, brought the call for compensation to the U.N. in November 2011, writes the Guardian. The group argued that the cholera infection arrived in Haiti in the form of U.N. peacekeepers from Nepal and spread following the country’s epochal 2010 earthquake and humanitarian disaster. A report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed in mid-2011 that “there was an exact correlation in time and places between the arrival of a Nepalese battalion from an area experiencing a cholera outbreak and the appearance of the first cases in Meille a few days after.” In October 2012, a leading U.S. cholera specialist Dr. Daniele Lantagne said, “that the strain of cholera in Haiti is an exact match for the strain of cholera in Nepal,” writes the Guardian. | TIME.com.


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  1. creeps are at it again, I guess there is no money to be made by helping these people. un is a scarlet colored wild beast it is a fake peace organization it is not interested in peace but in power and rent seeking. pure and simple.


    • The money is already made because the UN has been there for nine years now. This is a human rights issue that should not go unnoticed. No country should allow the UN to invade because there is nothing they can do to improve anything. after 10 years in Haiti, the UN has nothing to show for it. Thank you for stopping by Rapadoo Observateur and commenting.


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