Phenomenal Existence

And if you didn’t exist,
Why would my love have even hatched?
Your gravity keeps my reality aground
Pheromones of you anchors my sanity

If fireworks lambada with my night
Your eyes are dangling over my world
And should your buzzing draw near
My intensity spread her petals wider

But without your existence
What reason would there be for my being?
My rivers flow solely for your ocean
Imperfections of you fuel my passion

If butterflies rainbow over my senses
Your spontaneity is announcing spring
And hooked to your sophisticated smile
I forever radiate your Picasso horizon

And if your love didn’t exist
Why would my breath have even persisted?
Breeze in my leaves, Shades on my ground
Rain shower of my soul you are, my love


Categories: COVER, Poetry, Rapadoo

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