Hidden Proposal

He loves me; he loves me not she starts
Giggles released on every petal dismissed
Gentle breeze caresses her lax, ruby hair
Daylight slept early to dream this reality
Nighttime fragrances invade noses about
He loves me; he loves me not continues
This night azure vision never been brighter
Glitters want to escape her fabulous dress
As more petals float around, in slow motion
Swimming in wind waves to nearby ponds
He loves me; he loves me not smiles persist
Half naked, that single rose bares even more
Tension creeps up my spine, nervous sweats
A soft whisper in her ears, turn around now
She hasn’t been prettier, prom night’s jealous
He loves me; he loves me not perseveres
One ultimate petal will reveal inevitability
Naively giggling away jitters, she’s focused
Fondling her back, position assumed behind
Is she witnessing her sun setting due east?
He loves m.. Oh.. My.. God! She exclaims.
Sparkling last petal, precious diamond ring,
Sudden turn, marry him! Jazz quartet sings
Speechless teardrops on bended knee, stunned
Off my knees, on my back, forget the leather
Strings of yeses wrestle me aground, literally
He loves me, he sure does, he loves me, yes!
I love you too! Oh yes I do, sweetest kisses


Categories: COVER, Poetry, Rapadoo

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