Feathered Ink

We dip this feather

Deep into the bloodstream of consciousness
Touching cells of society’s emotions
Exploring the genome of human essence
Amber joy, carmine anger, carnation love
Giving aspirations, inspiration, elation
Unpredictability’s mood is exposed

We dip this feather
Further into the ink holder of imagination
Searching inventories of the fairy lady
Soaring high on clouds of invincibility
Golden romance, white twilight, black dreams
Creating perfection, fascination, admiration
Abstract thinking flirts with reality

We dip this feather
Through the veins of nature’s wisdom
Far into the mysterious realm of intellection
Reaching the psyche of ageless ideologies
Azure morale, caramel values, lavender ethics
Bringing modesty, integrity, agility
Lucidity of relativity meets logic

We dip this feather
Into the immense ocean of surrealism
Beyond limits of the metaphysical world
Compelling unconsciousness into enlightment
Vermilion spirituality, grayish individualism
Promoting inner peace, self-growth, appreciation
Introspection unmasks hidden facades


Categories: COVER, Rapadoo

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